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History of Schaluinenhoeve

Come enjoy the peace and quiet of Schaluinenhoeve.

History of Schaluinenhoeve

Schaluinenhoeve comes from the name Schaluinen, which is also the name of the street in which Schaluinenhoeve is located.

Where the name Schaluinen is from, is not entirely sure. It can have several causes and the name has changed a couple of times. It is sure however, that Schaluinenhoeve has a rich history. The oldest name that is known, is Scalheynen (1408) en also the name Schalluynenbeemt (1544) was found.

Last century, the Klaassen family ran a campsite, named ‘t Schaluintje. The previous owner took over in 1974 and changed the name into Schaluinenhoeve. He ran a deer farm on the place where the hotel is now. In 2016, the current owners stepped in and transformed it into the luxurious hotel that it is right now, leaving the name unharmed. You can read more about the current owners here.