The Enclave Experience Route is nominated

For walk of the year
5 Apr

Enclave Route is nominated for walk of the year

The ‘Enclavebelevingsroute’ (Enclave Experience Route) is an exceptional walk of 7 km (extendable to 10.5 km) through the ‘World Capital of Enclaves’: Baarle-Hertog-Nassau! You can easily reach the route from Schaluinenhoeve. You can download the brochure (in Dutch) here. The route has been nominated for walk of the year by the province of Antwerp. Would you like to vote for this special route? You can do so via the website of the province of Antwerp.

More about the Enclavebelevingsroute:

“The biggest jigsaw puzzle in the world? Baarle-Hertog-Nassau! The intriguing twin village has no less than thirty enclaves, parts of the country completely surrounded by the territory of a neighboring country. With bizarre consequences, such as a border that runs straight through a … front door! During this walk in and around the center you will hop between Belgium and the Netherlands dozens of times. Twelve information boards will tell you more about this unique situation along the way.”

Download brochure (in Dutch).

You can read more about Baarle-Nassau as an enclave village here.