Holiday hiking routes through Baarle

Beautiful winter hiking routes, especially for the holidays
7 Dec

Holiday hiking routes

Once again this year, Tourism Baarle has mapped out a number of beautiful winter hiking routes, especially for the holidays. The routes take you along beautiful nature, through the village and of course you pass nativity scenes. On the way, you will also come across various restaurants or bars to take a break.

There are three walking routes that are connected to each other. You can choose whether you walk one or several in a row. So you decide whether you have a long (up to 20 km) or short route (1.4 km). This makes it a great family activity for the holidays!

Schaluinenhoeve is situated at one of the starting points. You can download the exact route by clicking here on ‘Kerstfolder Baarle‘. Or choose a beautiful walk along ‘t Merkske by clicking on ‘Kerstfolder Merksplas‘ (all Dutch).