Team building

Team building

Schaluinenhoeve is perfect for various team building activities. With two large multifunctional spaces (100 to 110 m2) and a private landscape garden, a lot can be organized on our own site. Various team building activities are possible, always with the focus on cooperation, communication, competition and fun. Depending on your wishes, we will put together a tailor-made day or weekend. The activities are of course also suitable for outings with family and friends!

You can think of the following activities:

Expedition Robinson
Several survival games. Which team is the strongest, smartest and most agile? Hilarious and exciting games are a useful team building activity.

Building bamboo
In a short period of time, you and your colleagues will build an impressive bamboo structure, provided you work well together. You can also opt for a form of competition, in which you compete for the highest tower.

Enigma Decoder
Business game based on the popular escape rooms. An exciting activity in which teamwork and leadership are crucial. It is training for teams according to the action learning principle. All on our own location!

Sheep herding
A unique experience in which you really have to work together to achieve the common goal. A surprising and effective concept. Something different for a change!

City Game: Catch the smuggler
An exciting chase game in the centre of Baarle-Nassau. After a detailed explanation you will start hunting for the smuggler. Catch him before he crosses the border and escapes!

Solex tour
A beautiful Solex tour through the forests of the border region between the Netherlands and Belgium. A fun activity for all ages.

Equine therapy
In equine therapy, the horse reflects what determines our daily routine at an unconscious level. You are brought into contact with the horse by a coach. You do targeted exercises to experience what a positive effect this has on the mutual cooperation. The experiences can be translated directly to the work floor and to your relationships.

Isn’t your ideal activity listed? How about blind archery, a fencing workshop, or building a catapult together? We like to think along with you.

Prices are on request. Please contact us for a suitable tailor-made offer.