Cycling routes

Come enjoy the peace and quiet of Schaluinenhoeve.

Cycling routes

Baarle-Nassau and area have a lot of beautiful cycling routes, taking you through stunning landscapes and tiny villages. Schaluinenhoeve is a good starting point to reach several cycling routes. At the reception of the hotel, you can find enough information to either follow an existing route, or make one your own. There are different cycling junctions, which can be used to guide you through the area. You can rent a bike at Schaluinenhoeve, or take a look at our packages for a cycling package. You are free to bring your own bike of course. Several examples of well known cycling routes are:

Cycling route: Bels Lijntje

The so called ‘Bels Lijntje’ is originally a train track, opened in 1867. Partially because of World War One, the track was removed years later and replace by a cycling lane. Now it is a well-known cycling route of 31 km, which brings you all the way from Turnhout (BE) to Tilburg (NL). The route is perfect for a long tour through several villages nearby, in which you can take a break for a snack or a drink. As from Turnhout, you pass through Weelde, Baarle-Hertog, Baarle-Nassau, Alphen, Riel, Goirle and end in the city of Tilburg (NL).

Cycling route: Enclaveroute

This special 50 km route lets you cross the border 25 times. Discover every ‘enclave’ during this amazing route. There is even a shortened rout for kids, who can download a couple of exercise to make it an interactive activity for the whole family.

Cycling route: Dodendraadroute

This route brings you to characteristic places from WW1. You have several stops in Belgium and The Netherlands, where you can listen to a story related to that place and the WW1, by scanning the QR-code. This is an informative route with loads of history.

Or determine your own route!

With the interactive map below you can plan your own cycling or walking route. With the tabs at the top you can choose between cycling or walking. Zoom in and out of the map to get a better view of the routes. By using the numbered junctions – a network of beautiful and clearly signposted paths throughout Noord-Brabant – you determine your own route.