On-site team building activities

Team Building

Schaluinenhoeve lends itself perfectly to various team building activities on its own location. With three large multi-purpose rooms (up to 160 m2) and a private landscape garden, much can be organized on our own property. So we have a barbecue area, two bocce courts, a volleyball court, a swimming pond and oceans of space. Various team building activities are possible, always with a focus on cooperation, communication, competition and fun. Depending on your needs, we will customize a day or weekend. Of course, the activities are also suitable for family and friends outings!

Some of the inexhaustible list of activities:


King Ball

King Ball is a competitive outing where the ball is the focus and there is going to be a lot of laughter. In just over an hour and a half, you complete nine sections. From soccer, tennis, field hockey, golf, basketball and even shot put. This game is for young and old, sporty or non-sporty and you just play this in your clothes. Go to the official website for the various packages. The complete King Ball course is located behind our own landscape garden.

Retro Advertising

Light, camera, action! In teams, you will work to record a retro advertisement for your company. Not only are you having fun and being creative, you’ll also keep a fun video! This activity also fits well into a bad weather scenario.

Enigma Decoder

Business game based on escape rooms. An exciting activity involving teamwork and leadership. The training for teams according to the action learning principle. And all at our own location!

King Schaluinen

At King Robinson you will face all kinds of challenges in the beautiful countryside. Can you make a better slingshot than your peers, or build a fire without matches? Which group can call themselves King Robinson after this expedition?

Energy Challenge

Build your own wind turbine to generate renewable energy. Which team generates the most power and provides the team with an energy boost? This challenging team building activity can take place indoors or outdoors.

Sheep herding

During this special team building activity, it comes down to teamwork. Do you manage to drive the sheep in the right direction? This is the activity to learn how to work together and function better as a team.

Prices are on request. Please contact us for an appropriate custom quote.