Peace, space and nature

Body & Mind

Looking for a beautiful location to host a retreat or similar? Schaluinenhoeve is surrounded by peace, space and nature, making it the perfect location for various body & mind purposes. Exclusivity is of course extra important for body & mind. Therefore, you may always have exclusive use of the building in which you are staying, which is closed off from the other buildings. Because Schaluinenhoeve also has sixteen luxury hotel rooms, the location is perfect for a multi-day package where you don’t have to watch the clock. In this way, peace, space, and nature remain guaranteed no matter what is organized.

Among other things, Schaluinenhoeve is suitable as an event venue for:

Event location for:

–   Retreat
–   Yoga
–   Mindfulness
–   Reflection
–   Meditation
–   Detox
–   Reflection
–   Intervision
–   Self-compassion
–   Stilteretraite
–   And more…


For the best experience, we partner with regular healthy caterers. When we say healthy, we mean really healthy. That means only sustainable and pure ingredients, lots of local produce, and no E-numbers. We can realize this for breakfast, but there are also numerous options for lunch and dinner.

Based on your wishes, we provide a worry-free and unforgettable experience.


Are you curious about the possibilities? Want to know more? Working together? A customized quote? Or would you like to come take a look at our location? Call us at +31135073007, or send a message to We will be happy to assist you.